Learning Circle

We are more than a
‘Learning Management System’ (LMS)

Our humble beginnings come from running a small independent preschool which gave us the experience and the vision to start a full-fledged online school support system which helped us during the pandemic.

Our team consists of visionaries who are educators who have worked in different fields and are dedicated to filling the education system gap for children with learning difficulties, slow learners or children with special needs.

 We have brought our expertise to democratize education and make schools inclusive and affordable through efficient digital solutions.

Meet Our Team

We believe that nothing beats a good teacher in terms of a decent education. We at Learning Circle wish to facilitate a strategy and proposition support to aid teachers in educating wherein they have to invest less energy in authoritative or repetitive work associated with classroom teaching. We also wish to streamline the process top-down by addressing this issue and providing a way for everyone from principals and administrators to do more with less effort through an accurate digitized process.

We wish to offer readymade tools, templates and solutions to busy special educators, help schools become inclusive and connect with parents so that they are part of the solution and hence also part of the outcome of their children's academic journey.

Meanwhile our vision which aligns with our logo is to be the well-oiled cog in your wheel which allows you to provide quality education.

Meet Our Team

We promise to offer you transparency in the way we function.

● We provide for a student-first approach which is necessary for quality education.

● Our responsive and feedback-based services will ensure that your issues are addressed.

● Our goal is to innovate constantly to provide top-in-line EdTech support.

Meet Our Team

Services We Offer

Meet Our Team

Our Service Payment Options

Preschools, Pre-primary
and Small independent
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Special School
Schools catering to ASD,
ADHD and Other Learning
Customised curriculum for every child.
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Homeschooling your child
is now an option used by
many parents around the
Rs. 800 child/month